Marimba/Vibraphone series
General use mallets. Greatly appreciated among percussionnists. Various uses.
Xylophone/Bells series
Made for all instruments who require hard mallets.
Marimba Solo series
Specifically made for marimba, these 4 models are wool hand wrapped and feature Michel Viau's exclusive design for high quality rolls and various dynamic levels control.
Savibe series
The Savibe series is for the soloist with great fundamental sound. The weight is heavier than the Marimba Solo series and the length of the shaft is 16 3/4 inches for a maximum projection.
Vibraphone series
Made for vibraphones. Also appreciated with the marimba.
Tam-tam mallets
These mallets are appreciated for easy dynamic levels control.
Gong mallets
These mallets are great for all types of gongs
Orff series
This series offers 5 models especially made for the Orff keyboards. The 14 inches handles can be easily used by young players as well as adults.
Rubber series
Rubber balls for various uses.
Cymbal mallets
General use mallets made with a hickory shaft (3/8 inch diameter).
World's Beaters
Surdo mallets for Brasilian music.
Key chains

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