We can repair all types of mallets and beaters. We can replace handles or rewrap mallets with new cord or felt. If mallets are not those of Michel Viau's brand, it's better to contact us beforehand.


  Birch handles     Rattan handles     Rewrapping
Michel Viau Mallets     5.00$/mallet* 7.50$/mallet* 7.50$/mallet*
Other brands** 7.50$/mallet* 10.00$/mallet* 10.00$/mallet*


Repair price for a standard model**      15.00$/pair


Bass drum, tam-tam, surdo, etc.**
Prices may vary according to type and size of mallets.

*mallet indicates the price for a single mallet.
**Please contact us to see if we can repair your type of mallet.

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